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Nothing Adds Lasting Beauty, Livability and Value to Your Home like a Sunroom, Solarium or Skylight

We believe that Solarium Skylight Inc. brings the best in innovation and creativity to the world of glass applications. As a consequence, we know how to work with all kinds of glass, we know what types of applications can solve certain design challenges and we instinctively know where and how to use the latest technologies to achieve the best results.
Our primary goal is to ensure the successful completion of every project for our clients, thereby establishing relationships that will continue long into the future. To accomplish this, we maintain the highest standards of quality on every project and treat each client with integrity and respect. Only by strict adherence to this philosophy, can we continue to ensure our own success.

The day to day operations of Solarium Skylight Inc. are conducted by a select group of experienced and highly motivated construction professionals. Our hands on management and staff provide quality craftsmanship, efficient construction management and reliable customer service to all our clients. We can take on complex projects and complete them without the frustration often associated with this type of work.

As most of our clients understand; the selection of a builder is one of the most important decisions they will make. And that’s why our philosophy is simple, complete client satisfaction. We achieve this through high quality workmanship, comprehensive attention to detail, service, and dependability.

Whether it’s a glass block shower, a beveled glass conservatory or lap pool of exquisite colors in glass, Solarium Skylight Inc. can make it happen for you.