About Our



"Ability is important, but dependability is critical."

- Vince Lombardi, Lengendary Football Coach

In order to rise above the standard of professional construction, we make sure to always act professionally, strive for excellence and provide each customer with the extra-mile service we believe they deserve.

Our Solarium/Skylight team is led by Co-owners Bruce Wichman & Mark Corwin, consummate professionals who know the meaning of customer service and have created a team of builders with the same level of integrity and commitment. Not only are we specifically qualified to design and install glass structures, we also offer general contracting.

This means that our services are comprehensive and that, unlike our competitors, we also function as builders of non-glass structures, able to prepare your site and easily combine other structural work with our specialty services. For you, this saves time and money. Also, there’s no concern about communication between different contractors; our services are all inclusive.