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In terms of Solarium specifically, the person who did the work for us, he was the best contractor we have ever had, he was wonderful. He was clean, kind, knew exactly what he was doing. He was the picture of the perfect contractor. We keep wishing we had another job, just so he’d come back and visit –he was great.- Carl Martinet – Issaquah, WA
The most impressive thing was that the builder stopped, tore apart and rebuilt the skylight when he realized it wasn’t quite right –due to the non-squareness of my house.- Melissa Mackay – Shoreline, WA
Solarium Skylight Inc. has a great installation team. They are a Quality Company!- Tracy Steen – Seattle, WA
I felt that Mark from Solarium Skylight, Inc. could work with me and with my ideas. He wasn’t trying to tell me what to do. Also they (Solarium Skylight, Inc.) were part of the neighborhood; I liked the idea that they were so local.- Dian Gruenewald – Lake Forest Park, WA

Solarium Skylight Inc. – Client Testimonials

"I returned from work on the afternoon my installation was to have been completed. My old skylight had been removed and put back in. I was working with Mitch and Bruce, one of them explained to me that they had received an inferior product, and didn’t realize it before my installation began. Rather than install the inferior product (I would have not have know the difference) they waited, reordered and finished my installation in a timely manner (given the circumstances). Both of these guys were great to work with. Solarium Skylight, Inc. is professional, their prices are good, and I’ve been really happy with the product. Obviously Solarium Skylight, Inc. is dedicated to customer service. I would most definitely recommend Solarium Skylight, Inc. to anyone looking for a skylight.- Marcie Klobucher – Seattle, WA
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Solarium Skylight, Inc. a 10! Mark from Solarium Skylight Inc. was the best; I couldn’t have had anyone better than him. He’s very considerate, had great follow-up and did nice work. I have zero complaints. As a matter of fact, I’m considering having him do more work for me, here in the next couple of months!- Jerry Marchand – Camano Island, WA
Solarium Skylight, Inc. response time was quick! - Yuri Lausberg – Bellevue, WASolarium Skylight, Inc. were very helpful and professional in dealing with a tricky skylight location and they were willing to come back to make sure it was done right. - David Mills – Seattle, WA
The people at Solarium Skylight, Inc. always answered my calls and completed the jobs in a timely manner. They were very professional and made sure the job was completed to satisfaction.- Jeanne Quinton – Seattle, WA
The Solarium Skylight, Inc. people are professional, courteous and thorough. They were always on time and they cleaned up well after the project. - Susan Palmason – Edmonds, WA
Solarium Skylight, Inc. showed up on the days they were schedule to show. They were very respectful to me (the customer). They did a great job protecting and isolating the project from the rest of the house.
- Frank Guidry – Edmonds, WA

Solarium Skylight, Inc.’s personnel that worked on my project were coordinated, worked well together and they didn’t stand around “BSing”. They were very work oriented.
- Tim Lyness – Seattle, WA